Running an online event is new to all of us! We want to make sure members are aware of the ways they can give us feedback on what we're planning and help us bring you the best event possible. Here are lots of ways you can and have given us your views.

  • You'll be able to express interest in activities soon, we'll then use this to determine any clashes between activities, if we repeat any activities and what new ones we add!
  • Head over the SSAGO Discord and post a message onto our Q&A channel.
  • We'll be releasing a quick survey to find out quantitatively what people want and don't want. The link will be available soon.
  • Ask a question anonymously on, we'll be checking regularly and answering the top questions. You can also vote for questions you'd like us to answer.
  • You can also send us an email using the form bellow:
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