We've put some frequently asked questions together here!

  • It's my first rally! Woo, you've definitely made a great choice! Online rallies are new to all of us however we understand it can be particularly daunting not knowing anyone. We'd encourage you to check out some of our pre-rally activities which will be smaller and designed to help you meet new people.
  • Can I come without a club? Yes! We have a national network of indie members (which 6 of our committee are part of) which you can join. We'll have lots of activities for indie members and freshers on Friday night to help you meet new people too!
  • Why so late? Our date is only two weeks later than Roman Rally. Originally we chose the date dut to limited physical site availability and the postponement of Sheffield City of Steel Ball. Even with COVID we've decided to stick to this date, our event is designed to be drop-in so we hope you'll be able to join for some of the weekend whatever your plans are.
  • It's not in Milton Keynes? Correct, it's now on the internet! If we were able to go ahead in person our preferred site was in Northampton as that gave us a lower financial commitment and more space for social distancing.
  • Why are some of your minutes missing/censored? We've taken the decision to publish (most of) our whole committee meeting minutes. This is something most events don't do but we feel it gives you bit more insight into the event. However there are things we discuss that aren't suitable for publishing. These might deal with confidential information or opinions or the fact we think some elements of the programme are best left as a surprise and we don't want to ruin it for everyone. We've tried to provide a summary of why minutes have been censored but we're happy to provide more information if you want. Sometimes our monthly meeting doesn't happen for some reason or another and othertimes we've had social (activity testing) or small subteam meetings or meetings with the exec, we've opted not to publish these minutes as they'd need heavy censoring.
  • I'm worried about it being to competitive? While there might be an overall competition going on we'll have a range of non-competitive activities too throughout the weekend. We want everyone to maintain good sportspersonship throughout the rally
  • Will all the challenges be physical/mental? No! The range of challenges will cover everything from selfies to meeting new people to friendly sports to video games. We're sure you'll be good at some of them!
  • When will I know my team? We plan on keeping teams a secret until mid-way through booking. Members of our committee have already been allocated to teams. In the run up we encourage you take part in judging committee challenges and take part in the challenges we set back. If we award you points for winning one of our challenges we'll keep the points in your name and apply them to your team when you're assigned one, no matter the colour of your entry.
  • Will I be able to choose my team? Unfortunately this won't be possible as we need to ensure teams are balanced between the entire camp and on competitive activities.
  • Will I have a buddy on my team? How will you implement the buddy system? We are currently looking how to implement a buddy system for online events, and are hoping for ideas from members and reps as how best to do this.
  • What are points? Points will determine the overall winner of Green Rally Yellow Rally. At the moment you're earning points for yourself, however, during booking for Green Rally Yellow Rally, you'll be assigned to Team Yellow or Team Green and the points you've earnt will go towards your team's totals. While 'there's no I in team' your individual points could still make you your teams MVP.
  • What are shiny points? Shiny points are like normal points but shinier! They're available to winners of our challenges. Sinny points are worth more than regular points when we calculate each team's total.
  • How do I earn points? As rally gets closer there'll be ways to earn points online which you'll be able to find using our social media and on Discord. Over the weekend there'll be so many points available through activities and constant challenges. Some people have also earned points from our lockdown challenges on Discord back in Lockdown 1.0.
  • Is the event free? Mostly. We'll not be charging for you to book onto the event and there will be lots of activities you can take part in for free. Other activities may require you to go to a local supermarket (or book a delivery) and buy some things to take part. We may also offer some activities at additional cost during booking where we are able to bulk buy and post at a discount or where we are bringing in external speakers for the activity.
  • What losses has your in-person event made? One factor in moving online now is that we've not yet committed any money to the physical event, this means we have zero losses which we need to offset by charging an event fee or taking money from fundraising.
  • How are you able to pay for things if it's free? There are costs to an online event however we are able to cover these using income from merchandise sales, fundraising and sponsorship. With an online event we are able to have much greater control of the budget as there's unlikely to be any unexpected contingencies.
  • Do I have to book? We will be asking members to book which will allow us to assign you a team and make sure you receive all the information. Booking also gives you the chance to reserve a space on some activities with limited capacity and buy badges. Since it's totally free why wouldn't you?
  • Will you be using Hermes? We have budgeted to send packages via Royal Mail.
  • Will there be early bird bookings? While the event is free we will be having an early booking phase to allow us to estimate the amount of merchandise to order, with surprises for those booking early. After this point merchandise may sell out and instead of late booking we will offer the option of priority delivery to increase the chances your parcel arrives before the event. You'll be welcome to stick with the cheaper postage price if you don't mind it being late.
  • Where can I find all your coronavirus information? Check out our coronavirus page.
  • Is the event planned to go ahead? At the current moment we are planning for a virtual only event. Our committee is continuing to monitor goverment and scientific guidance as well as announcements from The Scouts and Girlguiding as to if it will be possible to incorporate local in-person activities closer to the event.
  • Why are there no in-person elements? We currently have no in-person elements programmed however they may be re-introduced if they become possible closer to the time. We want rally to feel like a national event and we feel meeting people from other clubs is a large part of this.
  • Will this be like a normal rally? No! We never wanted to put on something exactly the same as past events, and, while this wasn't what we had in mind we're happy with the event we've created. Our goal is still to involve as many SSAGO members as possible and have a Green vs Yellow competition, although the exact format might not be a rally as you know it we're aiming to preserve as many great features of national events as possible while adapting them to the online format.
  • How can my question appear in this section? Check out our feedback page to find out how to ask us questions and we'll be including the most important ones here. We may sort them into a category if that seems sensible.

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.